Ordering a service from one of our producers is really easy!

First make sure you are logged in by clicking “Sign In” in the right corner of the screen:

Once logged in, navigate to any of our producer services using the search bar or clicking on the respective categories (Bass, Drums, etc). Once you find a service that you are interested in, click on the title of the service:

Once on the service page, please review all of the job details and get a good understanding of what the producer is offering in their service and the associated cost. if you have questions about what the producer is offering, hit the “Contact Me” button under the producers’s profile description. You can also send the producer a Custom Offer if you have a specific need for your production.

When you are ready to order you can hit the ”Order Now” button under the job order section or under the tags section under the description.

You will then be taken to the checkout details page where you will get a summary of the service you are purchasing and you will also have a chance to add in any extra services you might want.

Once you are ready to check out, jus hit the checkout button at the bottom to proceed to checkout.

 Lastly you just choose whether to use PayPal to checkout or use any refund credits you have available in your account.

After checking out you will be taken to your job order page where you will interact with your producer for the duration of your order.