Every producer has a price for their order, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t negotiate with them based on your needs and particular budget. This is where custom orders come in. This function allows you to contact the producer with a special offer and budget for your project. To send a custom order go to the producer’s service page and click on the “Send Custom Order” button under the job details area.

A dialog box will then pop up allowing you to enter the details of your offer. You can include a brief description of your project, your budget for the project(whole numbers no $ needed), your expected delivery time(numbers only no letters, so 2 weeks = 14 days) and you may also attach a file as a reference for the producer(.mp3 or .wav. Any file above 100mb please use a Dropbox or WeTransfer link in the description).

Once finished entering details hit “Send” and you will be taken to a private conversation page where you will interact with your producer and you can see the details of the order you just sent. The producer will be notified and has the opportunity to review your order and either accept, decline or counter your offer. If the producer accepts your offer or you accept his counter you will then be taken to the checkout page where you can complete the order so the producer can get started on your order!