After you purchase a service from one of our producers you will be taken to the job order page where you will interact with the producer.(You can also access this page from the “My Orders“ tab in your dashboard) here you can send the producer any files they may need to complete your order.

Once the producer starts working on your order you will be notified and you then see a countdown clock on the page which gives you the estimated time for the producer to complete your order. If they do not complete your order within the time specified or don’t communicate a delay in the order then you can file a dispute for a full refund.

Once the producer has delivered your order to you and your files then you have the opportunity to download them for review and request any revisions right here in the order chat box. Once you are satisfied with your order  you must hit the accept button to complete the order. If you do not accept the order within a 3 day window the order will auto-complete and close it out manually assuming that you are satisfied with the files. If you have an issue that you cannot resolve With the producer, hit the “Dispute“ button and one of our team members will look into it to resolve it.

Once you have downloaded your files and accepted the order, please leave a review for our producers to let others know about the experience that you had with he or she!