We are so very sorry that you are considering a refund on our services! Customer satisfaction is our highest priority! We only give refunds for these reasons: 

-You purchased the wrong order by mistake 

-There was a fraudulent charge to your account 

-The order hasn’t been started yet by the producer (within a reasonable time period) or the producer never responded to the order

-There’s a major problem with the quality, delivery or integrity of the service provided

-You have filed a dispute on the service order, we have reviewed it and decided in your favor

Before requesting a refund, if there was a problem with your service order, please start by hitting the “dispute” button on the job order page. Also, please ensure that you have a legitimate reason for requesting one including but not limited to:

-Purchased the wrong service 

-Producer did not deliver on time 

-Producer did not respond to the service order within a reasonably time period 

-Production work was not satisfactory or misrepresented 

If you feel your issue meets one of these above criteria or you feel that you have a special case scenario not listed above, please make sure that all communication is contained within the job order message thread so that we can review them. Please note we cannot cover you if you have had off website conversations via personal emails, phone calls, text messages, social media and even private messages contained on this site that occurred before or after the order was completed. All reviewable communication MUST be contained within the job order message chat to be considered during a dispute. Any communication that occurred via the aforementioned methods will not be considered viable to your service order. If the order has already been completed and you have accepted the order on the job page there will be no refund given. If you have disputed the order and we have determined after review that their is no just cause for the dispute then no refund will be given. If all of the aforementioned criteria has been not been met and you still feel that you are owed a refund for a reason not listed above, please use the “Have A Question” section under “Help” to send us a direct message detailing your issues and we will get back to you ASAP!

Refunds are given back to the buyer in the form of “credits” to the buyers account that can be either refunded directly to the buyers on file Paypal account within 1-2 business days after a withdrawal request has been made or used on the site to purchase other services.